The Fall of Drona: “Aswathama Hatha, Iti Narova KunjaRova”

After Bheesma’s death, Dronacharya became the commander in chief of Kaurava army. Dronacharya is an formidable warrior who must be removed to secure victory for Pandavas. Krishna told Pandavas that it is impossible to get rid of Drona, so long he is armed. Drona is the only warrior in battlefield who has Brahmastra and Divyastra, even the gods… Read more »

Lessons From Mahabharata

Mahabharata is a treasure trove of wisdom and leadership lessons for all walks of life. Given below are some important characters and lessons you can learn from their ideals, actions and circumstances they went through. Decision Making, Context is important – Bheesma Devavrata (Bheesma) takes a very brave decision and does the unthinkable. I will… Read more »

Nalayani: Past Life of Draupadi

Draupadi longed for a husband with 14 qualities. Lord Shiva told her that what she is demanding is impossible, all these qualities cannot co-exist in one man. If at all he sends someone with all these qualities, he will be a huge threat to humanity. So Shiva pleaded Draupadi to lower her standards. Draupadi was… Read more »

Draupadi and her Children – Upapandavas

Draupadi bore the Pandavas five sons. These sons are together called Upapandavas. The Upapandavas were born when the Pandavas were in vanavas but they were raised in their maternal home – Panchal. Draupadi’s brother Dhristyadhumna took care of their studies and war skills. The order at which these sons took birth are as follows: Prativindhya… Read more »

Entry of Ghatotkacha And Tactics played on both sides

Entry of Ghatotkacha is a very smart tactical move by Krishna. On Kauravas side, Bheesma has been killed. The major threat has been removed. The next threat is Drona and Karna’s Vasava shakti. If Karna uses the Vasava shakti, Arjuna is dead. If Arjuna is dead, Pandavas lose since noone else can stop Drona. Arjuna… Read more »

Humanitarian qualities of the Kauravas

There are instances in the Mahabharata where Kauravas have shown their humanitarian qualities 1. Vikarna protesting against the disrobing incident. 2. Yuyutsu joining Pandava camp on day one. 3. Duryodhana was never a king. He was just a prince till his death. He couldn’t be a king till death of his crowned father. It doesn’t… Read more »

Similarities between the Greek and Indian Epics – Mahabharata, Ramayana

Similarities between the two epics – Mahabharata and Iliyad. 1. Pandavas were sent to forest for 14 years, The battle of Troy was fought for 14 years. 2. When the war starts out, Arjuna is reluctant to fight. Similarly, when the Trojan war starts, Achilees does not want to fight. 3. Arjuna laments over the… Read more »

Was Duryodhana a better warrior than Bheema?

Duryodhana was a better warrior than Bheema, when it came to Mace fight. Duryodhana means someone who is very difficult to fight with (“Dur” + “Yodhana”). Difficult warrior. In the 19th day of the war, Arjuna told Krishna that Duryodhana has somehow escaped the battlefield and will never return. To this Krishna had said Duryodhan… Read more »

Conversation Between Krishna and Karna Before Kurukhestra War

The conversation between Karna and Krishna is quite fascinating. Before the Kurukhetra war, Krishna grew restless because of the presence of Karna in Kaurava camp. Krishna was not afraid of the mighty Bheesma because he knew that Bheesma had committed a sin (by kidnapping three maiden princesses of Kashi – Amba, Ambika, Ambalika) and that… Read more »

Complete dialogue between Yudhisthir and Yaksha from Mahabharata

One day all the Pandavas were roaming in a jungle when they grew thirsty. Yudhistira sent each brother one by one to a nearby pond to collect water. Yaksha warned each brother not to drink water without his permission but they ignored him and drank the water. The water was filled with poison and the… Read more »