What is the biggest misconception people have about their lives?

That there is something externally you have to do in order to experience happiness. You say to yourself that once you are done with your education, you can be happy – no more exams, hurrah! Or once you have found the love of your life, got the job of your dreams, the perfect body or… Read more »

Is love supposed to last forever and not fade with time?

Love is not supposed to last forever. Love Fades. Love is a formless imaginary construct in your head. Animals don’t love. Animals find partner for mating and then they move on to another partner. We are animals too and we keep chasing the imaginary form of affection through out our lives. This is called “Maya”…. Read more »

What is Life all about?

Hinduism describes life as a journey to realize the fundamental truth about oneself. It is tied with the concepts of Karma – (action) Kama – (desires, ambitions, goals) Samsara – (domestication, the continuous cycle of births and re-births) Mokhsha (liberation) Let’s say you are standing in a bus stand with fellow passengers. There are infinite… Read more »

Difference between Love and Lust

Lust means the desire to satisfy your own mind and senses. People may say they love someone but when asked about the reasons, we get to hear these answers “He is a nice person and I like his personality” “I like him just because for who he is” “Because he takes care of me” “She… Read more »

What is that one thing which everyone wants to show off?

Popularity.  Don’t think so. Not everyone wants to be popular. My grandmother, she is approaching her 80’s and she does not want to be popular. Recognition. Don’t think so. Hundreds of thousands of people are perfectly okay without any recognition and they do not want themselves to be “Recognized” Wealth/Power Certainly not. There are a… Read more »