Pursuit is Important, Results are Trivial

We are often deluded by the result and ignore the pursuit of something. Everyone is focused on what results his action will bring and not focusing on the present pursuit. The subjects fail to realize that they have no control on the result anyway.

Arjuna’s Ego And It’s Disintegration

Arjuna is one of the most egoistic character in Mahabharata, if not as presumptuous as Duryodhana.He considers himself as the best archer and his ego is amplified by the praises of Bheesma, Drona, Krishna and other warriors of his time.

Bheema’s Meeting With Hanuman and Ghatotkacha

Mahabharata tells us the story of Bheema who is always angry over his enemies and wants to win them by force. He is impatient and not ready to realize his truth. He wants justice but is not ready to wait for the right time and place. Bheema meets Hanuman in the forest who teaches him lessons on war strategy, winning the enemy with righteousness and sticking to the path of Dharma. Hanuman wanted to free his brother Bhima from his ego and to give him greater strength to fight his enemies.

Urvashi’s Curse To Arjuna – Urvashi Shrapam Upakaram

Our lives are surrounded by curses and boons. According to Indian philosophy, life is just a resultant of the boons and banes the subject has inherited through his/her karma. The resultant will reflect on the life and decide the next course of action, which will again result in further boons and banes, thereby generating “Debt”… Read more »

Duty is Primary, Karma is Secondary

Duty is moral or legal obligation of an individual or subject. When you say “I am doing my duty”, it just means that you are doing your Dharma. Duty and livelihood are different things. While work and livelihood defines what an individual does to make ends meet, Duty is something which the individual performs on… Read more »

Who Owns what? – Give up and Rejoice

Once upon a time three people had a debate on who owns what. There was this Corporal who was powerful, there was this business man who had lot of wealth and there was this Brahmin who had lot of knowledge. All three of them considered themselves superior to the other two. To resolve the debate,… Read more »

The “I” doesn’t matter

Once upon a time there lived a rich man who was fond of trekking and climbing mountains. He climbed mountains because trekking gave him a sense of achievement and adventure. In one of his trekking expeditions, he lost his way  in a jungle. The more he tried, the more he was absorbed in the thick… Read more »

Have you Seen God?

Most people reject the concept of “God” or “Divine power” on this logic that nobody has seen it. Observation or Non observation for that matter cannot validate the existence of something. Nobody has seen the mind but it exists. Nobody has seen Love but it exists. Nobody has seen Air but it exists. Just because something… Read more »

Two Birds in a Tree – The lower and the Higher Self

Here is a story of a householder called Saunaka, who reaches a forest to find the famous Hindu sage, Sage Angiras. He approaches the Sage reverentially and beseeches “O Holy Sage, teach me that through which the whole universe can be known.” Sage Angirasa goes on to explain the two different kinds of knowledge on… Read more »